TJ's Bio:

I was a professional swim coach for many years, starting in 1981 in Charleston, SC. I coached at the YMCA in Lynchburg, VA, for 10 years and then spent a year coaching in Nashville with a good friend at Nashville Aquatic Club. After coaching great kids, I returned to Lynchburg with my wife to a great home that we were unable to sell. Sometimes things just work out the way they are supposed to be.

I started painting in 2010 after I received an art class that my wife Lisa gave to me as a Christmas present. On vacations I was always taking pictures of scenes and my wife was saying, "Why take photos of landscapes when you can just buy a postcard? You should always put people in your photographs." Then I took a picture of an old abandoned truck and said, "Wouldn't this make a great painting?" And she took it from there.

The oil class my wife gave me was taught by Rosalie Day White, one of Lynchburg's most reknowned instructors. I had just turned 51 and had never taken art outside of elementary school. Maybe it was a mid-life crisis thing but I loved it. The present was one of the best ever delivered by Santa. I found painting to be very relaxing and restful. I have enjoyed the class and have become a chronic repeater; I can't seem to graduate, but I do believe that I have improved with each subsequent course load. I have also ventured into watercolor and taken classes from Lynchburg's Solly Blank and Purnell Pettyjohn. I have learned style and techniques from both but find it a bit more frustrating as water color is less forgiving so mostly I work in oils. I love that painting is very relaxing yet, at the same time, very challenging.

First class:January 2010 with Rosalie Day White continuing

Watercolor class: Summer of 2012 with Solly Blank

Showing: Art Box juried Torbin Gray Black and White contest

Showing: Magnolia's Food and Resturant, January 2014

First sale: March 2012 Auction sponsored by the YMCA of Central Virginia


Contact info:TJListon2@gmail.com or phone 434-444-1256