Art in Progress

The making of a wave.....

Day 1, above, is just roughing it in. I am taking several different pictures that I took over time and trying to make a painting. I am not sure how they will blend together but that is the adventure. Day 2, above, has a little more depth to the water and somewhat clearer thinking on what the front wave will look like.

Day 3 I added more blue and dimmed down the greens. The boss, my wife Lisa, wanted a more bluish water, below. Day 4 below right, I added more blues to add more depth to the waves and some depth to the water

below the waves. The painting is 18x36 so it takes a while to make the colors match throughout. I also added some ocher to the water in front of the big wave to show the roiled and moving sand that is stirred up on each wave break. Day 5, below left, I add more blues to the foreground and glazes to the wave itself trying to show some light coming through at the top of the wave face moving into the deeper blue of the deeper water and shadow of the wave and the actual water breaking. I then added some dark glaze to the water near the horizon and added some blue to the shore breaking wash on the shore line.

Day 6, above right, led to filling in the "wash" area between the main wave and the shoreline wave. I will work on making that look more like foam and "wash" and adding some depth to it tomorrow. I also started working on the line between water and sand at the bottom, while also adding some more glaze on the big wave in different places to add more depth and shadow. Slowly, slowly starting to come together. I generally work about 3 hours of painting at a time and then clean up. I am using a gesso board and it doesn't absorb paint, it sits on top and I have to wait between layers for the working layer to dry.

Below left is day 7. Where I added more blues to the water in the distance, the horizon line, and darkened the shore line "wet sand" to frame in the content before I start to fine tune the wash area between the shore break smaller wave and the larger breaking wave. I played with some of the chop from the big wave and added highlights of sun hitting the top of the whites on both waves.