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After loving the life in Nashville this past year we have decided to move back to Lynchburg. The coaching situation was a lot of fun and I enjoyed working with friends and swimmers alike but we still have a great house back in Lynchburg so we are moving back, looking forward to being back in the burg!

Art in Progress. My brother lived across the street from the beach for years, went off to school and later married and lived about two miles away from the beach and our parents house. Years later he moved back into the family home and took care of my mother. Somewhere along the way, after many years of summer lifeguarding on the beach and staring at waves and water and then learning to paint, I found that I could sometimes capture the nuance of the different colors of the water and light. So I painted a wave to give him for thanks for taking care of my mother and because he now lives land locked in Mexico.

So now I wanted to do one for myself and if you want you can go to this page "art in progress" to see how it is progressing.

Thanks for checking in, TJ Contact me at:

A couple of new ones.

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The Emerald Isle

Academy of Fine Art's Gallery Page

Oils and Water Colors

Pacific Rim-TJ Liston, Oil


winter skies